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1.Make an Offer/Buy Now Terms

Adbusy Assurance for Buyers

  1. You should "Make an Offer" of the amount which you wish to pay for the product.
  2. Once your offer is accepted, you can make the payment online.
  3. The listed item will be delivered to you by our logistics partner, and only after the delivery, payment will be released to seller.

The BUY NOW purchase option enables a quick sale and implies that you agree to buy the product at the listed price. We will facilitate the payment directly and notify the seller. Once the payment has been made, we will schedule and complete the delivery. If you wish to negotiate, please choose 'Make an Offer' purchase option.


In order to pass on the cashback benefits to the maximum number of customers, we are limiting cashback to 5 transactions per person (Buyer or Seller) per month. Cashback will be based on final agreed price of the product between buyer and seller. Buyers will have cashback eligibility for full online payment orders only, for partial payment orders, buyer will receive no net cashback

Convenience fee

For buyers:

The fees applicable depend on the city, weight, category and price of the item you are purchasing. Click here to understand the specific charges that may apply.

There is a penalty of Rs. 200 for any cancellation initiated by the buyer after payment is made.

For sellers:

The fees applicable fees depend on the city, weight, category and price of the item you are selling. Click here to understand the specific charges that may apply.

Promotional Discount

For buyers:

A promotional discount may apply depending on the city, weight, category and price of the item you are buying. Click here to calculate the exact discount applicable.

For sellers:

A promotional discount may apply depending on the city, weight, category and price of the item you are selling. Click here to calculate the exact discount applicable.

*Note: Adbusy reserves the right to change the fee & discounts any time without prior intimation. Please be informed that there is a penalty of Rs. 200 for any cancellation initiated by the Buyer after payment is made.

Delivery Terms

  1. Adbusy provides only delivery and not installation/dismantling of the item.
  2. At the time of delivery, we encourage buyers to open the packaging and validate the condition of the item before accepting the delivery. Once accepted, the item can't be returned or replaced. Not applicable for Inter City transactions.
  3. Any delivery related issues brought to our notice after signing Proof of Delivery (POD) or beyond 5 working days will not be entertained and Adbusy or its logistics partner will not be accountable.
  4. Adbusy does not take any responsibility for the quality of the item being delivered unless it’s a transit damage. We encourage buyers to ensure the quality/functionality aspect of the item while making an offer.
  5. Maximum 3 delivery attempts will be made by us, post which the order will be auto-cancelled. Also rescheduling on request of buyer/seller can be done for total 5 days failing which the order will be auto-cancelled.
  6. If the buyer refuses to accept the item after it is being picked up from the seller, it will be returned back to the seller.
  7. Once a return has been initiated, Adbusy will attempt to schedule the delivery of the product back to the seller within 5-7 days. However, if the seller is unreachable beyond this time, the transaction stands canceled and the seller will lose claim to the product.
  8. Adbusy does not take additional responsibility of picking up any product that is not mentioned in the AD.
  9. Open box delivery is not applicable for orders from a different city.
  10. Pick-up and Delivery will be facilitated by our logistics partner.
  11. Adbusy reserves the right to refuse facilitating the transaction.
  12. Ad with multiple inventory count would be marked as sold once the available inventory becomes zero.
  13. Adbusy does not encourage tipping to the logistics team.
  14. Any additional charges for usage of lift/elevator while transporting the product will have to be undertaken by the buyer/seller.
  15. Any charges levied by society for pick up or delivery of goods will have to be borne by the Seller / Buyer.
  16. Provision of Doorstep service is dependent on the availability of the lift that can accommodate the goods to be picked up/ dropped or otherwise up to 6th floor of the building (including podium parking).
  17. Goods will be delivered up to the ground floor, in case of staircase space being insufficient for movement of goods. Also, in case of passage/road leading to the location being narrow/not accessible for vehicular movement, goods will be picked up from/delivered to the closest point.

2. Adbusy Storage and Shipment Service:

  1. Storage facility if opted, will be provided through our logistic partner for a period of 2 weeks from the date of collection of item from the seller.
  2. Logistics partner will be reminding the Seller at the end of 1 week to lower down the cost of product listed at the site.
  3. If the product listed on the website is not sold within 2 weeks time, same will be returned back to the Seller at the same address from where it was picked.
  4. Adbusy representative might take images of Seller's product during pickup. The same will depict the condition of product during pickup and might be used to update the Sellers Ad later on.
  5. The storage facility is available only for individuals and not for dealers.
  6. If seller opts for ‘Sell for me ’, the following terms apply along with the above mentioned points:
    • Adbusy will post ad on behalf of the seller based on information and images collected at seller’s place.
    • The item will be made available for display to the potential buyers.

3.Doorstep Local Transportation Terms

  1. Doorstep Local Transportation is only available on Heavy items in Home & Lifestyle and Electronics & Appliances categories.
  2. Doorstep Local Transportation is only available in following city- Mumbai (and not Mumbai suburbs).
  3. Doorstep Local Transportation is only available for shipping within a city, it doesn't include intercity transportation.
  4. Online payment amount is non-refundable if cancellation is requested after item is picked up.
  5. If item is not delivered due to unavailability of the receiving party, the return cost will be paid for by the sending party.
  6. Adbusy provides only delivery and not installation/assembly/dismantling of the item.
  7. Adbusy does not take any responsibility for the quality of the item being delivered unless it's a transit damage.
  8. Adbusy reserves the right to refuse facilitating the transaction.
  9. The quantity of items during pickup should match the quantity of items selected during online payment.

4.Cost per reply terms:

  1. You have to declare the amount you are willing to pay per reply or per view (PPR or PPV) and total number of expected replies. You must pre-pay the full amount for this classified ad to go live. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can always withdraw any unused balance to your Paytm wallet. Once the amount is withdrawn, the ad is either deleted or downgraded to a free ad.
  2. Only the first chat initiated by a user is considered as a reply. We actively remove spam communication from our system and you will not be charged for any spam messages.
  3. Any views generated on your View Ad Page from the premium ad are considered as a view. Views sent from any other source are not charged.
  4. Any unused amount can be withdrawn into your Paytm account as per request.

5.AdbusyX Exchange:

  1. You agree that non working or defective phone in exchange is not acceptable. Adbusy shall have the sole right to make a decision with respect to acceptance/ rejection of an old phone in exchange which shall be final and binding.

6. AdbusyJobs:

  1. As a job-seeker you agree that Adbusy will not be responsible for any payments made to a third-party (including verified companies).
  2. As a recruiter you agree that misuse or fraud use of this platform will result in deactivation and/or further action. You also agree to adhere to all job posting rules.

7.Instant Hire product:

  1. A fees will be charged on the Instant Hire product for accessing the candidate contact details. All fees and charges are nonrefundable and there are no refunds for partially used credits.

8.No Guarantee of Business:

  1. Adbusy does not guarantee business from the leads generated. Adbusy shall not be responsible or liable at all to the Advertiser if no business or business leads are generated for the Advertiser through premium ads on the Website. Advertiser understands that Adbusy's only obligation is to place the premium ads on the Website in the manner provided for in these Terms. Accuracy of the information/content provided is the advertiser's responsibility and Adbusy will not be held responsible for false claims made by the advertiser.

9.Advertiser Obligations:

  1. Advertiser agrees to make all payments due to Adbusy in a timely and efficient manner and shall ensure that cheques issued do not bounce. Advertiser shall not issue stop-payment instructions in respect of such cheques. The Advertiser recognizes that Adbusy has the right to take action under the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 in respect of bounced cheques or take any other action available in law. Advertiser represents and warrants that
    (i) it is a bona fide business organization or individual carrying on business in relation to the items disclosed to Adbusy,
    (ii) it has the right to use the trademarks it claims to have the right to use
    (iii) the business carried on by Advertiser does not violate or infringe upon any law or regulation and all registrations required for carrying on business have been procured by it and
    (iv) all Classified(s) provided to Adbusy is/are and shall at all times be accurate and complete, and entirely lawful. The Advertiser shall bear complete responsibility for the quality of its goods and/or services, and Adbusy shall bear no responsibility for the same. The Advertiser agrees to be bound by all applicable policies of Adbusy relating to Classifieds and the Website, and the Advertiser grants to Adbusy a worldwide intellectual property licence (including a copyright and trade mark licence) relating to all intellectual property rights in the Classified(s) to do any acts in relation to the Classified(s) which Adbusy may deem necessary to fulfil its obligations.


  1. "If all premium ads available to the advertiser under the subscription scheme are not used / availed of during the period of these terms, the unutilized units shall be forfeited - no refund shall be made and neither can the unutilized credits be carried forward."
  2. Premium ads are prioritized over free ads on the website on search and browse pages. The sequence in which premium ads are displayed will be controlled by Adbusy's search algorithm which is Adbusy's sole prerogative. The advertiser shall not have a say in determining the sequence in which ads are displayed within the set of premium ads matching a user's search query/browse intent.
  3. Banner slots will be provided as per the details mentioned in the contract form. Banner slots will be shared between Adbusy's advertisers who have subscribed for a particular slot and the banners will be displayed on a rotational basis. A banner will be displayed only after seeking approval from the advertiser. Adbusy does not provide any guarantees of impressions or clicks for the client banners.
  4. Verified leads refer to consumers who have expressed interest in consuming a service from a service provider recommended by Adbusy. Any dispute regarding any verified lead shall be raised to Adbusy within 3 days of the lead being sent in writing/email and will be analyzed on a case by case basis. Adbusy's decision will be final and binding in the event of a dispute regarding a lead.
  5. The advertiser acknowledge that any liability/claim in respect of the products or services promoted through the Advertisements under the scope of this Agreement shall be solely to the account of the advertiser. It is agreed that in case of any claims in respect of the same against Adbusy, the advertiser shall indemnify Adbusy against all such claims and damages.
  6. Advertiser shall procure and keep valid all necessary licenses, permissions, authorisations, consents, approvals and registrations with/from any government department, agency or authority required for it to perform the Services in accordance with this Agreement and bear sole and exclusive responsibility for all compliances with such licenses permissions, authorisations, consents, approvals and registrations.