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The schedule shall form part of this Protection Plan and the term “Protection Plan” whenever used shall be read as including the “Schedule” and complete terms and conditions.

Any word or expression to which a specific meaning has been attached in any part of this Protection Plan or of Schedule shall bear such meaning wherever it may appear. YOUR Protection Plan is based on information, which YOU have given US and the truth of these information shall be condition precedent to YOUR right to recover under this Protection Plan.

Protection Plan is only valid for devices, which pass the Scanner test. All Scanner test reports need to be submitted for approval to service provider before activating the Protection Plan on the device. No service will be provided on the device without the activation of the protection plan. This document gives information about Protection Plan, Service provider, Beneficiary/User and protected Equipment etc. & other terms & conditions.

1.Definitions of words

  1. Protected Equipment
    Product/s purchased as shown on purchase Invoice, for product category such as Mobiles, Tablets along with Protection Plan Product or Services through their medium.
  2. Protection Plan
    It means the Protection Plan Booklet, the Schedule and any applicable endorsements or memoranda issued to YOU. The Protection Plan contains the details of the extent of the cover available in respect of item (s) owned by the Person(s), what is excluded from the cover and the conditions, warranties on which the Protection Plan is issued.
  3. Schedule
    It means the latest schedule issued by US as part of YOUR Protection Plan. It provides details of the Protection Plan including full description of properties covered which are in force and the period of cover the covered person has against the properties described.
  4. Sum Protected
    Equipment value as Calculated basis the fair market value on the date of purchase of protection plan
    It means service provider or its authorized affiliates
  6. Dealer / Medium
    For the purpose of this Protection Plan, it shall mean Certified retailers, distributors, web, online & app channels including all their associates.
  7. Period of coverage 6 (Six) months from the date of purchase of the Protection Plan
  8. Manufacturer
    The Manufacturer of the item covered under Protection Plan.
  9. Beneficiary/User/YOU/YOUR/YOURS:
    The purchaser of the equipment along with Protection Plan, whose name is as shown on the Invoice, Where the purchaser is a company, Beneficiary/User shall mean any representative / employee of the company authorised to use the Equipment.
  10. Breakdown
    The sudden and unforeseen failure of the parts of the covered item due to defects in materials and workmanship (but not by normal wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence) necessitating immediate repairs or replacement.
  11. NormalWearandTear
    The gradual reduction in operating performance of a covered part of the item, having regard to the age of the item and usage.
  12. Manufacturer’sWarranty
    It means the original equipment warranty coverage provided by the Manufacturer from date of purchase of the item.
  13. NewReplacementValue
    It means cost of replacement of the item covered by a new/ Like New/ refurbished / similar condition item /property of same kind and same capacity
  14. Excess
    Excess is minimum value, which shall be deducted in claim settlement. Excess is 10% of the purchase value, or 500 rupees, whichever is higher
  15. Loss/Lost:
    It means the Damage or Loss.
  16. Product & Services:
    Protection Plan offered on sale, Repair and Distribution of services related to Mobile Handsets and Tablets

2.General conditions

  1. Reasonable Precaution and Care of Property:
    YOU/owner/ Person(s) shall take all reasonable precautions for safety and soundness of item covered to prevent the loss in order to minimise claims. The owner /Person must comply with manufacturer’s recommended actions for use, inspection, maintenance along with other instructions and shall comply with all statutory requirements or other regulations.
  2. Mis description:
    This Protection Plan shall be void and all premium paid by YOU/owner Person(s) to US shall be forfeited in the event of misrepresentation, misdescription or concealment of any material information.
  3. Changes in Circumstances
    YOU/owner/covered person(s) must inform us as soon as possible, of any change in information YOU/covered person(s) have provided to US about yourself, the item(s) covered, location of risk which may affect the cover provided. YOU/Owner /Covered person(s) must also notify US about any alteration made whereby risk of loss/damage is increased. In case of such alteration made and not accepted by US in writing, the cover under this Protection Plan shall cease.
  4. Claim Procedure and Requirements
    Upon happening of an event giving rise or which may give rise to a claim, Beneficiary shall forthwith give notice in writing in person or courier to support@Adbusy.com in with full particulars. A written statement of the claim will be required and a claim form will be provided. This written statement of claim along with supporting documents (estimates, bill and the like) prepared at your expense or expense on your behalf along with particulars of other Protection Plan covering the same risk must be delivered to Service Provider within 15 days of date of Loss at owners/ persons expense.
  5. Fraud
    If any claim under this Protection Plan is fraudulent in any respect with or without Owner/ Person’s knowledge or if any fraudulent means or devices are used by the owner/ Person or on behalf of owner/ Person to obtain any benefit under this Protection Plan, all benefits and rights under the Protection Plan shall be forfeited.
  6. Interest/Penalty
    No sum payable under this Protection Plan shall carry any interest or penalty.
  7. Geographical Scope
    The geographical scope of this Protection Plan will be the whole of India. The laws of India shall govern the provisions. The parties hereto unconditionally submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in Delhi

3.Special Conditions

  1. Indemnity
    a) Incases where an item can be repaired WE will pay expenses necessarily incurred to restore the damaged item to its former state of serviceability plus the cost of dismantling and re-assembly incurred for the purpose of effecting the repairs. We will only deduct a applicable taxes (Taxes may vary from state to state)
    b) No deduction shall be made for depreciation in respect of parts replaced, but the value of any salvage will be taken into account. If the cost of repairs detailed herein equals or exceeds the actual value of the item Covered immediately before occurrence of the damage, the settlement shall be made on the basis provided for in (b) below
    c) In cases where covered item is a total loss, WE will pay for the refurbished/Same or similar condition /Like New replacement value subject to maximum of the purchase value of the covered item. However the salvage and excess will be taken into account in such cases.
    d) In the event that replacement property of like kind and quality is not obtainable, new property which is as similar as possible to that suffering damage and which is capable of performing the same function, shall be deemed to be new property of like kind and quality and in no event this be considered as a betterment to the covered person. However, if damaged item may be replaced by a similar item available at the time of repair/replacement, any voluntary betterment opted for by the covered person shall be reimbursable after making appropriate deduction for betterment.
    We will make payments only after being satisfied, by production of necessary bills and documents, that the repairs have been effected or replacements have been taken place, as the case may be.
  2. Transfer of Ownership
    The cover shall cease on transfer of ownership of the covered equipment by the owner/ covered Person to any other party.
  3. Onus of Proof
    In any action, suit or other proceedings where WE allege that by reason of the above provisions any damage is not covered by this protection plan, the burden of proving that such damage is covered shall be upon owner of the covered item.